Take the work out of
Network Documentation

Your brain needs a break from being your IT documentation vault.
Say goodbye to outdated spreadsheets and network diagrams.

Features & Samples

Discovery and Import

Discover physical and virtual enviroments.
Leverage SNMP, WMI and a myriad of connectors.
Import from Visio, KMZ, CSV, Excel and more.

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Network Topology

Document layer 1 to layer 7 configurations.
Discover layer 2 and layer 3 links with SNMP.
Design pixel-perfect IT and network topologies.

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Rack & Stack

Design your floors to the last component.
Model and visualize cabinets as in real-life.
Create work orders, reserve and rack mount devices.

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Drill-down into each device, card or blade.
Visualize port-to-port connectivity.
Trace your fiber and copper cabling end-to-end.

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Outside Plant

Document your entire physical connectivity.
GIS-based mapping for perfect lat/long positioning.
Re-route and trace end-to-end circuits.

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Create application views for any environment.
Populate elements from VCenter, AWS and more.
Upload & track documents and files.

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No contracts, cancel at any time


per month
2 users
250 devices *


per month
5 users
500 devices *


per month
10 users
1000 devices *


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(*) On average one rack contains about 20 devices. 500 devices, for example, would be similar to having 25 populated racks.

Simple rule of thumb for license estimation: count your servers, routers, switches and rack mountable objects you want to document, and add an extra 20% to account for the racks themselves and their containers. Ports, cards, cables do not count towards the license.

Starter Team Business
Catalog & Diagramming Awesomeness
Smart devices and racks
Port and cable management
Custom properties, behaviors, devices and link types
Multi hierarchy drill downs & Inter diagram links
GIS maps & Outside Plant
Reporting & Admin Powah
8-role per diagram/per user access + audit trails
Full searching and filtering
Table views & diagram layers
Dashboards + reports
Tools for Geeks
IP Toolset (ping, telnet, tracert, ssh, PuTTy & more)
Document uploads & tracking
Work Order Management
Integration, Discovery, Programming
Discovery (SNMP, WMI, IPMI, AWS, SQL, SSH & more)
PDF Exports
Excel, Google Earth/kml/kmz Imports
Web support / User portal
Phone support
8 hour deployment package